How to Lie to a Customs Agent


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How to Lie to a Customs Agent

How to Lie to a Customs Agent is a collection of poetry that explores life’s experiences, triumphs, and pains on the border by contemplating what it means to live a life vivisected by two worlds of tradition and language and customs. The poems deal with the loss of personal relationships through the prism of desert life. At the same time, the looming question of nationality, belonging, and race create a landscape that can be as harsh, dangerous, and beautiful as desert life itself. The poems in How to Lie to a Customs Agent are heartbreaking at times and rich with dark humor. The speaker navigates the loss of his mother due to cancer. He contemplates her final days as she returns to the desert southwest while juxtaposing the machismo culture embedded in the politicization and militarization of life on the border. At times, the poems respond to nationality, and at other times, the poems live in the minutia of relationships between lovers. The verses are painful because if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t matter.

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